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As a Fuji client you unlock an exclusive 30-Day FREE Trial to help kick start your gym and run it like a pro.

Now that you've sorted out your Fuji Mats and equipment for your gym, it’s time to think about another crucial element that will help take your gym even further. To do this, Fuji Mats has teamed up with industry leader Martialytics to help take your gym to the next level.

Most of us get caught up in the romance of opening up a gym that we neglect to think about how we're going to run the back-end day to day stuff. We usually approach the situation and tell ourselves that we can, or patch bits the pieces together with a word processor, spreadsheet software, email, but reality is that we get caught up and bogged down with systems and unnecessary process that just clutter and eat into our time.


Enter the Dragon Martialytics. 

Martialytics will help take your everyday backend activities and automate them for you saving you time to teach and sign up more members to grow your gym. Stop chasing your tail and automate your productivity with Martialytics from as little as $35 per month. That’s $1.15 a day to run your entire gym back end. So for less than a price of a coffee a day you can hit the grown running with and build the team and gym of your dreams.

Features include:

  • Automated Billing,
  • Email Marketing & Automation,
  • Website Leads,
  • Bookings and Events,
  • Student Management,
  • Attendance Tracking,
  • Auto Attendance,
  • Digital Waivers,
  • Gradings,
  • Shop & Point-of-Sale System,
  • Live Reporting,
  • Student App,
  • Plus much more.

What are you waiting for?  Start your FREE 30-Day Trial Today!!!


Live Reporting   Kiosk Check-in   Online Payments
Remote Learning   Lead Capture   Online Booking


Plus much, much more. 

Start your FREE 30-Day Trial Today and see to check out all features!!!