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Elevate Training Comfort and Stability with Fuji Mat Underlay


Elevate Your Training Space with Fuji Mat Underlay

Fuji Mat Underlay is the secret to transforming your training area into a safer and more comfortable environment that maximises performance. Designed to enhance the benefits of your training mats, our underlay provides an additional layer of cushioning, stability, and protection. Whether you're setting up a gym, dojo, or home workout space, Fuji Mat Underlay is your essential companion for a superior training experience that can be added at any time.

Advanced Cushioning:
Experience a new level of comfort during your workouts and help take the sting out of break falling. Fuji Mat Underlay features advanced cushioning technology that absorbs impact and reduces strain on joints, allowing you to push your limits while minimizing the risk of injuries. This added layer of padding ensures that every movement is supported, making your training sessions more effective and enjoyable. Add that extra layer between your Fuji Mats and the hard concrete.

Stability and Slip Resistance:
Safety is paramount, and our underlay is engineered to provide the stability you need. The non-slip surface of the underlay keeps your training mats securely in place, preventing any unwanted shifting or movement during intense activities. This stability boosts your confidence, enabling you to focus on your training routine without any distractions.

Enhanced Durability:
Protect your investment with Fuji Mat Underlay. Crafted from high-quality materials, our underlay enhances the lifespan of your training mats by providing an extra layer of protection against wear and tear. This durability ensures that both your mats and underlay stand the test of time, even during frequent and rigorous training sessions.

Easy Installation:
Setting up your training area shouldn't be a hassle. Fuji Mat Underlay is designed for easy installation. Simply lay it down underneath your Fuji training mats, and it seamlessly integrates with your setup. This hassle-free process saves you time and energy, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your training.

Size Options:
Every training space is unique, and we understand that. Fuji Mat Underlay is available in 1m wide rolls and 25m length size options, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific training area. Whether you need a small space for personal workouts or a larger space for group training, the Fuji Underlay can help give you the training edge you need to meet your training requirements.

Upgrade Your Training Area with Fuji Mat Underlay:
Transform your training space into a haven of comfort and performance with Fuji Mat Underlay. As a trusted name in the industry, Fuji is committed to providing athletes and trainers with top-notch equipment that enhances their training journey.

Join the numerous gyms, dojos, and training centres that trust Fuji Mats for their matting needs. Explore our range of underlay options today and take the first step toward optimizing your training space for safety, comfort, and success.