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Mastering Your Heavy Bag Setup

Fuji Custom 6ft Heavy Bags

Mastering Your Heavy Bag Setup: A Comprehensive Guide to Mounting Options

When it comes to heavy bag training, the right mounting method can make all the difference in your workout experience. Fuji Mats offers a range of innovative solutions to cater to various preferences and training spaces. Let's explore the different ways to mount a heavy bag using Fuji's versatile systems.

1. Ceiling Mount with Fuji Ceiling Mount Trolley Bag System and Fuji i-Beam Hanger:

  • 360-Degree Rotation: The Fuji Ceiling Mount Trolley Bag System allows your heavy bag to slide your bags in and out of your training space as well as rotate freely, offering a dynamic training experience. Slide one in for a personal workout or slide them all in for a large ground session or class workout. This mounting system works best with buildings that have concrete ceilings.
  • Space-Efficient: Ideal for gyms or home spaces with limited floor area, providing a compact and streamlined setup.
  • Smooth Swinging Motion: Achieve a natural swinging motion, simulating real-life opponent movement.
  • Cleaver & Simple Additions: Use your existing building infrastructure and go with a Fuji i-Beam Hanger


Fuji Single Bag Racks Fuji Ceiling Mount Trolley Bag Rack
Fuji i-Beam Heavy Bag Clamp Fuji Ceiling Mount Trolley Bag Rack

Ceiling Mount: Ideal for those who prioritise dynamic, all-around movement and have limited floor space.


2. Wall Mount Method with Fuji Single Bag Wall Moun or Fuji Wall Mount Trolley Bag Rack:

  • Sturdy and Secure: Wall mounts provide a solid foundation for heavy bags, ensuring stability during intense training sessions. These can be mounted to Brick Walls as well as solid Concrete Walls. Mounting on plaster walls can also be achieved with reinforcement to the mounting wall.
  • Customisable Height: Fuji's wall-mounted options often come with adjustable brackets, allowing you to set the bag at the perfect height for your training needs.
  • Space Optimisation: Perfect for maximising floor space while maintaining a professional training setup.


Fuji Single Heavy Bag Rack Fuji Wall Mount Trolley Bag Rack
Fuji Single Heavy Bag Rack Fuji Wall Mount Trolley Bag Rack


Wall Mount: Perfect for those who seek a stable and space-efficient setup with the flexibility to adjust bag height and distance.


3. Floor Mount with Fuji Hangman Bag Rack and Fuji Floor Mount Trolley Bag Rack:

  • Portability: Floor-mounted options offer flexibility in moving your heavy bag to different locations within the same space. (Trolley version only).
  • Easy Installation: Fuji's Hangman Bag Rack and Floor Mount Trolley Bag Rack are designed for straightforward assembly, making them user-friendly for various setups. Perfect for when your tenancy forbids you from mounting info walls or ceiling or for when you don't have the correct type of wall for mounting many heavy bags.
  • Versatile Training Options: With the Fuji Floor Mount Trolley System you can move in or out the bags you need. Ideal for those who prefer training in different areas of their space or need to clear the area for other activities and classes such as Yoga who need floor space without heavy bags in the way.


Fuji Hangman Rack Fuji Double Hangman Rack Fuji Floor Mount Trolley Racks
Fuji Hangman Bag Rack Fuji Double Hangman Rack Fuji Floor Mount Trolley Bag Rack


Floor Mount: Suited for users who are restricted by wall hanging, prefer more hanging options or prefer an easy open room concept and versatility in their training space.


4. Freestanding Option with Fuji Free Stand Bag:

  • No Installation Required: The Fuji Free Stand Bag offers the ultimate convenience as it requires no ceiling or wall mounting. Simply set it up and start training.
  • Versatility in Placement: Place it anywhere in your training space, allowing you to adapt your setup based on your workout routine or room configuration.
  • Quick Adjustment: Fuji Free Stand Bags often come with adjustable height options, catering to various training styles.


Fuji Freestanding Heavy Bag


Freestanding Option: Great for those who prioritise convenience, quick setup, and the flexibility to place the bag anywhere in their training area.



Other Heavy Bag options worth mentioning are the Fuji Adjustable Height Hook and Upper Cut Unit and the Fuji Speedball Platforms for a variety of other workout activities to help build hand and eye coordination as well as combinations, technique and explosiveness.   


Fuji Adjustable Hook and Uppercut Unit Fuji Speedball Platform
Fuji Adjustable Hook and Uppercut Wall Unit Fuji Speedball Platform


Hook & Uppercut Units: These units offer something special as it can be adjusted in seconds. Gone are the days of permanent mounting, now you can cater for different heights in one unit. The Fuji Hook and Uppercut Unit allows you to work punches, Hooks, Uppercuts, straights, crosses and much much more.

Speedball Platforms: Used for centuries to help build speed, timing and eye coordination. The Fuji Speedball Platform is another full-height adjustable unit that can cater for different heights so you can throw away your steps and floor platforms. 


No matter your preference, Fuji Mats offers a solution that caters to your specific needs. Elevate your heavy bag training experience with the right mounting method that suits your space and training goals. For the best mounting accessories, we highly recommend using the Fuji Anchor Bolts with an impressive 350kg hold per bolt, these bolts will secure your Heavy Bag Rack in place. Another few accessories worth mentioning are the Fuji Heavy Bag Springs to minimise bag shock to the mounting frame, Fuji Heavy Bag Slings to minimise metal-on-metal wear, Fuji Heavy Bag Swivels to stop straps from binding and Fuji Snap Hooks for easy hanging. Whatever the heavy bag accessories you need, Fuji Mats has every base covered with a  full array of outfitting equipment for any gym needs.


Fuji Anchor Screw Bolts Fuji Heavy Bag Springs Fuji Heavy Bag Slings Fuji Heavy Bag Swivels Fuji Heavy Bag Snap Hooks
Fuji Anchor Bolts for mounting Fuji Bag Racks Fuji Heavy Bag Spring Fuji Heavy Bag Slings Fuji Heavy Bag Swivel


Discover how we can create custom Fuji Heavy Bags for your gym. Feature your gym logo and ensure you pop out from all the other gyms in your area. Talk to us today either by email or by phone.

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