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Must-Have Items and Equipment for Your MMA Gym

Fuji Boxing Ring and Heavy Bags at Progression MMA


Equip for Success: Must-Have Items and Equipment for Your MMA Gym

Building a successful MMA gym involves more than just securing a space and putting up a few punching bags. To create an environment that fosters growth, skill development, and a sense of community, it's crucial to invest in the right equipment. In this blog, we'll explore the must-have items and equipment that can elevate your MMA gym to new heights.


1. Quality Mats:

  • Importance: Safety is paramount in any martial arts gym. Invest in high-quality mats to provide a secure surface for grappling, sparring, and groundwork. Our pick for a top notch MMA Mats are the Fuji Smooth Series MMA Mats. For those looking for slightly more traditional look and feel with all the MMA safety aspects, then Fuji Tatami Series Mat is your go to martial art mat.
  • Tip: Look for mats with proper thickness and shock absorption to minimise the risk of injuries.


Fuji Tatami Series Mats Fuji Smooth Series Mats
Fuji Tatami Series Martial Art Mats Fuji Smooth Series MMA Mats


2. Various Punching Bags:


Fuji 6ft Muay Thai Bags Fuji 4ft Boxing Bags Fuji Mushroom Bags Fuji Teardrop Bag Fuji Wrecking Ball
Fuji 6ft Thai Heavy Bag Fuji 4ft Punching Bag Fuji Mushroom Heavy Bag Fuji Tear Drop Heavy Bag Fuji Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag


3. Well-Maintained Boxing Gloves, Pads, Hand Wraps etc:

  • Importance: Protecting the hands is crucial during striking sessions. Provide members with access to high-quality boxing gloves and hand wraps. If your a gym that loans or hires out boxing gloves and other equipment to members then you will need to ensure that all gloves and equipment is correctly sanitised before putting back into circulation. Luckly enough Fuji has you covered with the Fuji All Surface Mat Clener. Simply mix the clener into a fine misting spray bottle and spray into the gloves to sanitise and leave your gloves and equipment clean and smelling fresh.
  • Tip: Implement a glove maintenance system to ensure cleanliness and longevity. For health and hygeine we highly recommend students to have their own.


Fuji Gloves Fuji Focus Pads Fuji MMA Gloves Fuji Thai Pads Fuji Shin Pads
Fuji Precision Boxing Gloves Fuji Precision Focus Mitts Fuji 7oz MMA Sparring Gloves Fuji Thai Pads Fuji Precision Shin Pads


4. Spacious MMA Cage or Boxing Ring:

  • Importance: A dedicated space for sparring allows fighters to practice in a controlled environment, mimicking real fight scenarios. Fuji Mats has you covered for both Competition as well as everyday Traing for Boxing Rings and MMA Cages. We can even custom design something to fit your colours, logo and styling. For those who dont have the perfect space for a MMA Cage, we also have you covered with Fuji Cage Panels. These allow you to create the MMA Cage look and feel but also allow you to maximise your space, and make the area more dynamic and open up the space.
  • Tip: Optimise space by choosing a cage or ring that suits the size of your gym.


Fuji Training Series Boxing Ring Fuji Pro Series Boxing Ring Fuji Training Series MMA Cage Fuji Pro Series MMA Cage
Fuji Training Series Boxing Rings Fuji Pro Competition Boxing Ring Fuji Training Series Floor Mount MMA Cage Fuji Pro Competition Series MMA Cage


5. Functional Strength Training Equipment:

  • Importance: Building strength is a fundamental aspect of MMA training. Include equipment like kettlebells, medicine balls, Plyo Boxes and resistance bands are just some of the affordable and fundamental pieces of must have equipment.
  • Tip: Incorporate both free weights and functional training tools for a well-rounded strength program.


6. Cardio Equipment:

  • Importance: Cardiovascular conditioning is essential for MMA athletes. Include treadmills, stationary bikes, or rowing machines to enhance endurance. Although these can get pricey with some treadmills fetching over $25,000 there are others out there that dont break bank.
  • Tip: Promote variety by offering circuit-style cardio workouts.


7. Quality Audio and Visual Systems:

  • Importance: Clear communication during classes and the ability to play instructional videos are crucial for effective training sessions. Our number 1 must have tool is our Digital Fight Timer which is made in Italy and there just isnt anything better on the market.
  • Tip: Invest in a sound system and consider having screens for video analysis and technique breakdowns.


8. Hygiene Stations:

  • Importance: Maintain a clean and sanitary environment. Install hygiene stations with sanitisers, wipes, and cleaning supplies. When it comes to hygiene, we take this very serious and have got to the point that we had to design our very own Fuji All Surface Mats Cleaner. This is a log 6 (which is 99.9999%) kill rate in a natural non-toxic to humans cleaner.
  • Tip: Educate members about the importance of cleanliness and encourage them to wipe down equipment after use.
Fuji All Surface Mat Cleaner Fuji Mat Mop Fuji Mop Replacement Pads Fuji Mat & Gym Scrubber
Fuji All Surface Mat Cleaner Fuji Mat Mop Fuji Mat Mop Replacement Pads link to Fuji Mat and Gym Floor Scrubber


9. First Aid Kit:

  • Importance: Accidents can happen in any physical activity. Keep a well-stocked first aid kit readily available as well as some instant cold packs if you dont have a fridge/freezer on site. Keep a well stocked first aid kit with bandages, wipes, cleaning alcohol as well as slings and sports tapes.
  • Tip: Ensure that your staff is trained in basic first aid and CPR.


10. Dedicated Training Gear Storage:

  • Importance: Organise and store equipment efficiently to maximise space and create a clutter-free environment. First impression make a big impact and a neat and tidy gym makes a better impression on potential new memebers.
  • Tip: Install racks or storage units for gloves, pads, and other training gear.


Equipping your MMA gym with the right tools is essential for providing a safe, effective, and enjoyable training experience. By investing in quality mats, a variety of bags, strength training equipment, and fostering a clean and organised space, you set the stage for success. Remember, a well-equipped gym not only attracts and retains members but also contributes to the overall growth and reputation of your MMA training facility.

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